On loss

No folklore thursday this week From me. We lost my father-in-law today. He’d been seriously ill for over a year (and had spent much of it in hospital). He went home and eventually back in to hospital a week Or so ago. original complain was pancreatitis and then stomach problems and then, finally, we discovered he also had advanced lung cancer.

Nothing coved-19 related, but it did rob us of some Of the dignity of visiting him in hospital, and meant his grandkids couldn’t see him in those final days.

My kids are heartbroken, as is my wife.

I never did ask him If I could marry his daughter (though by that stage we’d been living together 8-9 years already) and he was fond of mentioning that fact.

Anyway, I wrote and drew this comic strip about my mum, who I lost 16 years ago (15 at the time of drawing the strip). Enough people have commented about this strip and how it resonates with them that I think it’s worth posting up here.

Annette’s dad gave her away at the wedding, I’m pretty sure it was one of the best days of his life,