Patreon Plans

Hi, thanks for signing up (was not expecting the guilty feels of knowing the people that sign up and happily counting them as friends).

I intend to get into a posting rhythm, on the one hand don’t want to overwhelm with posts on the other don’t want to make it feel like poor value money. 

My plans with the Patreon are to do articles on story telling and tutorials on clip studio paint and I think, Photoshop, given the funding on Patreon I can now subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud (quick hint, the photography subscription is the cheapest sub at only £10 per month, but  only gives you access to Adobe Photoshop) and, obviously, sketches and what-I’m-working-on-now insider bits and pieces.

You’ll get all that in the backstage pass area, for everyone else, it’ll be art, blogposts and more general stuff. Now the school summer holiday has passed I may even get time to do some video stuff (for Patreons!)

Once a month I’ll unlock one of the backstage pass articles for general readers.

I’m not expecting Patreon – as it has in some other cases – to be a big source of income for me, but it has motivated me to blog more, and with more depth on subjects. Hopefully I can find the balance to make it something worth your time and money.

Thanks again, I genuinely appreciate it.


(Oh, and if you’re coming to this post new: There are still slots in the $5 early bird backstage pass patreon, get it while it’s hot!)