Radio gaga

Quick update, I did a fun little short radio interview on BBC Radio Ulster this morning, and you should be able to hear it here (it’s about 15 minutes in)

My old webserver company has become a new webserver company, hopefully they’ll keep the website up and running as smoothly as the old one did, and if you’re interested in hosting your own website (I pay around a fiver a month and honestly, it’s a bargain to have a wordpress install that’s all my own – with no ads, or features you “pay for”) anyway, the people hosting it now are:

And, if like some pals who had a google account with multiple emails, you should consider moving to these guys as a fiver a month will get you unlimited email addresses (instead of googles new crazy pricing per email address for business)

On the personal front, mad busy, can’t talk about it. Went to Disneyland paris last week – an emergency holiday (wife was taking son, but she took vertigo meaning she couldn’t do any rides with him, so I had to get an emergency passport and book a flight and hotel so it wasn’t a massive waste of money on a miserable holiday for the two of them) but came home to do a work catchup and somehow wife now has covid. She’s not had it lucky, that’s for sure. (Quite apart from marrying me)

Anyway, now the website is in a new home, let’s see if we can’t figure out what to do with the place, eh?


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