Last week, 2000ad prog 2268 had my debut as a writer. Roots is a “Terror Tale” – a four page horror story. Partially inspired by Junjo Ito’s deeply disquiting horror comics, it tells a story of what how smothering a mother’s love can be.

I’ve talked a fair bit about it all over the place notably on Down the Tubes with John Freeman and Mathew Badham.

This blog started in 2000, though I’d had a webpresence as far back as about ’97 – the blog began life around 2000, specifically to talk about my breaking in to comics. As it happened my career began pretty much the following week, but there’s a slightly untold story of my posting a future shock idea to the alt.comics.2000ad newsgroup that was picked up by Andy Diggle who offered to buy it from me. I balls it up in the writing and it never went anywhere.

So here we are, at last, I’m a 2000ad script droid. Well, for that one week. I have a bunch of other story ideas (all futureshock/terrortale/time twister type stuff) which I just need to find the time to develop into a full script. Will I ever do that? I want to, but I’m gonna be pretty busy for a long time.

This week will also see issue 1 of the Lion and the Eagle in comic shops, really excited to see the reaction. There are some bits of the art that make me cringe – but, early reaction to the preview suggests everyone has missed those bits and are focussing on all the good bits – so that’s handy.

I’ve also finally totally finished Soul Plumber (had finished it, but then needed to help John out on a couple more pages). All done.

Should be finishing the art on the Lion and the Eagle and then, I feel like I’m facing a new chapter as an artist. Well see if anyone agrees.