Serves you right

For many years I ran a wordpress blog off a server on phpwebhosting, I started it so long ago that I don’t think there were that many options for self hosted wordpress blogs.

It was always a little slow, but inexpensive with unlimited storage. And it was dirt cheap since – at the time, the dollar to sterling exchange rate was well in my favour.

But times change.

Last year or so I moved over to wordpress. I didn’t really need a php server, I didn’t need the ability to add new websites, I didn’t need infinite storage, but I did want speed and to not have any hassle at all (not that there was much, but even looking after a wordpress blog behind the scenes was more hassle than it’s worth, sometimes)

But… it was more expensive, and, ultimately, was too restrictive. So I went crawling back to phpwebhosting. It felt like a safer option.

But it was still laggy, still a little prone to breaking (for me) and the final straw was, I think, I somehow got flagged in their servers firewall so I couldn’t even access my own site from home (it would work via my iphone – which was on 3g and had a different IP).

So I gave up and started the move to a new server. Thanks to Ben at who transferred my old wordpress over and sorted me out, I’m back up and running on a faster server at a cheaper price.

Anyway, that’s all very dull for you, but super interesting for me, and hopefully will make adding updates to the blog that much easier.