Social Distant Diaries Day 3

Look, you have your own worries, and problems and wotnot, so honestly feel free to give these posts a large swerve.

I suppose I should clarify – I started calling these posts Self Isolation Diaries, but, honestly I’m not self isolating, I’m just keeping a tabs on my sanity during this, the 21st Century plague. We’re all fine, though I’ve a sore throat – because of course, but it’s really mild. And absolutely nothing to worry about. Except everyone is worrying about everything.

In today’s new normal:

Tescos and other stores have limited any single item purchase to three per customer. Which sounds fine, but they’ve basically hacked their tills to set this limit, so they can’t ring up more than 3 of any one thing, and that includes bags. So if you end up buying five bags worth of stuff, good luck with three bags! (My wife overheard someone attempting to buy four black puddings, only to be refused – I presume it’s a meal for four. To be honest, it’s small mercy to the fourth person who now, at least, doesn’t have to eat a black pudding.)

Day 2 of Home schooling, and so far, Thomas has shown real promise in the Wii classes, and Nathan has really excelled at Chatting-to-his-mates-on-discord 101.

I’ve managed to get bugger all done. Partly that’s the non-stop run of news. Man, I thought news had been fairly hectic on the run up to brexit, but now, I reckon we’re getting a solid 30-40 hours every 24 hours.

One of the things I did on the run up to the current corona-caused chaos, is start being very generous to myself with amazon tat. It felt like a good way to know how bad things were gonna get it amazon stopped delivering and so I thought I’d test that. Every day I’d order new tat. But now I have some cool stuff. Got myself a blue snowball microphone, and a mic stand and a new iphone 11. (On credit, so, if the world ends at least I won’t have to pay it, right?)

I will be honest, I’m more hopeful now than when this whole thing started (and it started for me a few weeks ago when my brother got caught up on the first appearance of it in China, it felt both inevitable we’d experience it here and at the same time impossible – not dissimilar to thinking of a parent dying, you know it’s going to happen but you just can’t process it until it does)

The light at the end of the tunnel, as I see it, at least is: we lockdown. This slows the transmission of growth rate of the virus. Life can’t ever be the same. We start developing a vaccine concurrent with various tests. The test will broadly fall into two categories – the test to check if you’ve already had the virus, but don’t currently (and are likely to be immune to it and can return to work) and the test to see if you currently have it. That test will make a huge difference. Especially if it can be fast, self administered and tell without any symptoms showing. We can start finding a new normal then. And, eventually, we’ll get a vaccine.

But it seems likely, even with a vaccine the world has changed and it just isn’t going back.

See you tomorrow!