The Play’s the thing

Auditioned for a play. Got a part. Local am dram.

Bit nuts, this is lining up to be the busiest year ever for me. But then, that’s all the more reason to do something else. Something that I can switch myself off for and just be somewhere else.

I’ve acted before- 20 years ago and went back to it last year, did Macbeth and had friends I’ve known for decades come up and say “I’ve never seen you stand so still”. Then I did another play where I was a narrator and stood on stage stock still for an hour. I liked the stillness. I like the knowing that I have something to say at an exact moment. The most awkward bit of rehearsals I find are the bits before and after the rehearsing where you’re mixing, and I still find myself standing alone amongst a crowd.

It’s wanky to say it, I know, but I like just losing myself in someone else’s lines.

Look there’s me playing ross (centre) in Macbeth! What a tubby little man I have become.

(I still want to do a mega sci-fi fantasy epic of Macbeth… but it’s unlikely to ever happen…)