I was at the Cork Comic Expo this weekend. Invited by Cork’s favourite son Will Sliney (I’ve known WIll a long time, and it’s been slightly baffling and yet not entirely surprising to see him rise to be a major celeb in Cork and Ireland and when his TV shows get bigger, eventually the world – you’ll see) (And the guys from The Big Bang)

It was lovely to see Declan Shalvey, Stephen Mooney and Nick Roche (as well as the guys from Rogue Comics and Limit Break and lots of other people whose names I will mangle so I will say it was nice to see you all).

Cork’s a fun event, it happens in a major shopping centre, so lots of people just walking through with no idea who you are – with the possible exception of Will, everyone knows Will.

Will Sliney's queue, red-roped and filled with kids.

A fair few people picking up Numbercruncher (over 10 years old, but still new to many people). I wish I had Dept of Monsterology still with me, I think that would’ve done well. Those that picked up books then slightly surprised to find I had anything to do with it (I think they just thought I was a stall selling books)

My son Thomas manning the table while I took a photo.

Good show, stayed with my brother and his family (they’ve been based in cork for years) but man Belfast to Cork was a struggle of a drive.

Hoping to find a contact for Dublin City Con, cus I’d like to do some more local cons. New York is out for me this year, but may be next year.