Introducing Null Space

So, the cat’s out of the bag, as it were. Over at Richard Bruton has the scoop and much of the lowdown on what it is.

Null Space is a new weekly webcomic beginning on Friday the 6th of October, featuring a veritable feast of big name writers from scifi/fantasy – for many of whom this will be their first credit as a comics writer!

Each story will be self contained, set in its own world and be a delicate little gem of a one pager. This is my tribute to the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Black Mirror and Inside no 9. I love an anthology.

The project started because I wanted to do another weekly thing, and I just happened to know a few scifi writers and so I propositioned them and suddenly I had a bunch of scripts. What was especially interesting to me was working with people who hadn’t done comics before. I figured this would be my one way to get them to write something for free!

To date, I’ve fourteen scripts in hand, of which I’ve already drawn ten. That’ll take us in to the new year, and depending on how things go, we might get beyond that. We’ll see.

Owing to the number of writers involved, it’s likely this project will only ever be web based. You know, like the old days, and as such you should point your bookmarks at

See you Friday for Adrian Tchaikovsky’s delightful “Spider-Killer”.