Folklore: Fafrotskies

AT LAST! CHARLES FORT makes an appearance!

My frustration with my abilities as a colourist has never felt more evident. I also tried, and failed, a kind of Burroughs Cut-up technique to see if I could shake something out of my head, because I like to draw a line from the first drawing to the last (it doesn’t have to be a very obvious line, and – clearly – John’s writing has it’s own through line, but sometimes, when I’m working at it, I’m trying to deliver a different narrative flavour than simply illustrating the tweet – I don’t always succeed, but I always try!)

So, lots of things not going to plan.

Plus this one took bloody ages (hey, if I can’t moan to you, then who, gentle reader, can I moan at?)

In the end, I stuck to John’s order. I did originally want to show Charle’s face, but I thought it would make sense for him to be scribbling some notes down while caught up in a shower of something non-rain-like, but I quickly abandoned that notion, and switched angle to him in his room alone, watching the rain and documenting the various Fatrotskies that he knows of.

We then cut to a montage of different kinds of Fatrotskies (I mean, Charlies, that word is a mouthful, I’m not sure it’s helpful)

And finally the festival. Relying a bit heavily on photos, I wanted the carnival to feel like celebration though I admit I’m also leaning a bit on a piece John McCrea painted about 3 decades ago, of the twelth of July parade, where he spray painted colour everywhere and then picked out pieces from it.

Anyway, hope you like it… two more weeks to go, right… ?