Lawless 10

Was at Lawless this weekend, despite going for 10 years (TEN! I no longer understand time) this was my first year. And honestly it was a hoot.

The hotel for the show was the same hotel used by one of the early 00s Bristol conventions, I used to go to, and I was suddenly transported back 20 years to 2004 and looking at old photos of the last show I’d been there at (I think I’ve been to subsequent bristol shows, but not that particular hotel)

There was a weird element of Sapphire and Steel as my brain flashed back twenty years to many of the same people and then back to the present, like I’d stayed at the some hotel convention in 2004 went to the bar turned round and everyone was suddenly twenty years older except me (obviously)

When I did turn up in 2004, I was determined to take photos (because I’d been going to those shows for a few years and generally didn’t bother) and so photos I took, and mostly my memories were of Stu – Stewart Crofts-Perkins, WR Logan, who was my first contact in Dredd fandom way back in the nineties (and who we lost in 2016)- here’s a post from 2019 (with photos from the 2004 Bristol con) when I decided I should go to more cons, oh what a poor idiot, had no idea a pandemic was coming…

Anyway, Friday was a weirdly mixed emotional night, on the plus side it was great to see some people I haven’t seen in over a decade (Robbie Morrison among them) but you couldn’t help but think of the people gone.

Still, the show itself was great fun, it is 2000ad specific. (And as I am prone to telling people at other comic shows, sure no-one knows me here, but for a certain kind of middle aged man, I’m like catnip). Found myself drawing lots of Chimpskys (the hyper intelligent Bonobo from 2000ad I co-created with Kenneth Neiman) and talking to Brian Bolland about drawing monkeys (albeit briefly).

Had to head home early on Sunday, rushed off early only to find myself waiting on an plane for hours longer than I should have done as it was running very late.

Thanks to Rob Williams, and Sam for hosting me.