March, eh?

Time has become a non euclidian space.

Somehow it’s the 7th of March 2021. It’s probably a Thursday*. It’s always a Thursday.

*No, it is, of course, Sunday. I think.

I’ve plenty of work on, thankfully, should see me working for several months actually – which is, frankly, the best position to be in.

I’m currently the is currently the Dredd artist in 2000ad, in a turn that surprised me, that means on the twentieth anniversary of my first published work (also a Dredd) I’ve doing Dredd. Certainly, by any measure of success I ever set myself before breaking into comics, this is the apex.

But, you know, I’ve probably a solid 20+ years ahead of drawing -(and about 19 of them will happen this March) that translates to about 4,000 pages (that’s 20 pages per month) not a lot when you think of it in those terms.

I had planned on a few things, but this year and the past couple have caused me – like anyone with any sense, I think – to draw my horns in and just sit out and work.

Anyway, without getting too bogged down, this is a merely a proof of life post. Kids start school again in a couple of weeks (for a little bit) expecting to get the vaccine by August, and maube… just maybe… we can start hoping for comic conventions again. Man, I miss those.