Who Killed Captain Cookies?

Well, another belter of a Kenneth Neimand script, in the form of Who Killed Captain Cookies, and, hopefully, by now you’ll realise the Chimpsky is on the case!

This is a four parter (part 2 this week) and I promise you, it won’t be the last you’ll see of Chimpsky. (though I can’t exactly tell you when you’ll see more of him…)

Here’s the layouts of part 1, I remember the day I did these and it was so much fun to just noodle drawings of Dredd, hence the nutso details on Dredd and the vagueness of everything else. It was also a period where I was struggling with the work generally. Times like that you just sometimes have to trust the craft will get you through. Thankfully, I’m actually feeling pretty pleased with the stuff I’m drawing right now – but you’re unlikely to see that stuff for another year!

Having seen the story in print (and remember, drew this around August?) I think I made page 1 panel 1 & 2 a little more confusing than they needed to be, the thumbs work better here I think.

Thumbnails for Who Killed Captain Cookie Episode 1

I’d very much like to try and get this blog into a useful shape again and for that, I think, what I really need is feedback. Even if it’s just to say “Hi I saw your blog” please leave a comment below! And I promise I’ll begin posting more…

10 thoughts on “Who Killed Captain Cookies?

  1. Rev'd Peter Organ

    Hi, I saw your blog.
    How long before Chimpsky T-shirt? Soon please.

    Great work, as ever, PJ.

    1. Ha! Well, that’s all in the hands of Tharg, really pleased to have something “stick” with 2000ad (my hit rate has been surprisingly low). Maybe if I do a chimpsky cover that gets a big reaction (and they always seem to go down well) that would work as a t-shirt, the readers can convince the mighty one!

  2. Well I do hope you continue to post more. One of the highlights last year was finding you, a 2000AD, on Twitter and I really enjoy your content. It was also part of the reason I started buying 2000AD again so it’s great to get a little ‘behind the curtain’ from someone in the comic industry.

    1. Thanks for the comment Paul – I’ve always posted to twitter and blogged as a way to connect to an 11 year old version of me (a message in a bottle to my past self) so it’s nice to get a comment from a Paul 🙂

      (PJ = Paul Jason)

      1. Well thank you for being so active, and it’s funny you should mention the 11 year old you as there’s a bit of me that wishes I could tell the 11 year old me that one day he’d end up saying ‘hi’ to a genuine, honest to goodness ‘art droid’ for 2000AD.

  3. Hey PJ! Great to see Chimpsky back in the prog and glad to hear we’re gonna see more.
    Gotta say I love reading about your process on here, whether it’s about time management, page layouts or technique, it’s always invaluable stuff, thanks so much!
    Posts with previews, glimpses into your sketchbook or artwork from the Holden archives always gets at least four “yer ma’s” from me, your holiday comics from 2012 got an impressive five!

    1. Darren, kind of you to say so – when this whole covid thing blows over we should meet up (since I think we’re both in Belfast!) I’ve always felt oddly disconnected with the local comics community, but there’s a fair few of us around now. (oh and if I haven’t said it before: I really love your work!)

  4. Love the look behind the scenes.

    I am curious re Chimpsky – which came first, the name or the character?

    1. Well, I got the script fully formed so… the name… 🙂

  5. Hi, I always love the interaction artbdroids have with citizens, getting to see the creative process always adds to the experience, so please do keep up with the blog and keep positive about the work you do.

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